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From 10 to 15 September, Trieste will host the PAIS conference

The aim of the conference is to present recent results that address still open questions in understanding the sensitivity of the Antarctic Ice Sheet and its contribution to past and future sea level and climate change. An important development in understanding and predicting Antarctic ice-sheet behaviour has been the validation and testing of ice sheet models on past climates with boundary conditions that are relevant to future projections. While the focus of the conference will be on the latest developments in paleo-ice sheet and climate reconstructions using data and models, we also invite researchers and students from geodynamical, climatological, glaciological, oceanographic, ecosystem and ice cores communities, since their work is crucial for understanding the processes and dynamics of the integrated system.

Several outreach and educational events have been organized in the fame of the PAIS conference, in collaboration with the Museo Nazionale dell'Antartide, IODP- Italia, and other local institutions. All these events are open to the public with free admittance. You can find details on dates and location in the pdf below.