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Division of Geophysics

The Division of Geophysics includes 50 people, including researchers, technologists, technicians and administrative staff, who distinguish themselves for their ability to plan and carry out scientific research and technological development in the field of geophysics in marine and land environments.

The expertise of the staff of the division are grouped into three areas:

Borehole Geophysics


Geophysical Integrated Analysis and New Technologies

The Division of Geophysics manages a Multi-Sensor Core Logger for the non destructive analysis of sediment cores and rocks, various software platforms for the integration and interpretation of data from subsoil and surfaces, a system of bibliographical archiving “knowledge repository” of publications and reports on projects concerning the storage of CO2, and the planning and maintenance of websites in support of the work carried out. Moreover, for its own experimental activities, the division manages the experimental site of geophysics of wells in the Piana del Toppo, near Pordenone, and a VSP (Vertical Seismic Profiling) system of acquisition. 


Director: F. Ferraccioli

Assistant managerU. Tinivella

Administrative SupportL. Zonta, S. Cassaro