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Human resource strategy

OGS provides structured training for researchers in the early stages of their career and enable the development and transfer of competences in research. These include training networks, fellowships and conferences and training courses.

OGS has recently promoted a concrete “Action Plan” in the frame of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers ("HR Strategy for Researchers").  Such a strategy is specifically promoted by the Commission to support research institutions and funding organisations in the implementation of “The European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers”. The effective implementation of the Charter & Code is strategic for OGS to  support researchers careers, to promote a stimulating and favourable working environment  and to render the institution more attractive to researchers looking for a new employer or for a host for their research project.

OGS spends great efforts in international collaboration in the research activities as well as in the mobility of researchers and staff towards international centres of excellence. The mobility also includes the visits and recruitment of international experts at OGS and incoming mobility of the best PhD students and postdocs from abroad.

Between 2007 and 2012 OGS hosted more than 300 fellows from Italy and abroad (Marie Curie; international fellowship programmes, such as Talents; high school students internship; experimental thesis of academic students; scholarship; Erasmus students).

OGS’s currently hosts 43 fellows from Italy and abroad. Postdoctoral Fellows are regarded as elite researchers in OGS’s community exceptional candidates who have a record of outstanding research that is compellingly innovative and groundbreaking. They are an integral part of OGS’s research enterprise, playing key leadership roles in achieving OGS’s goal of increasing the quality and excellence of OGS’s research.

OGS, through promoting the training and mobility of researchers to and from other European countries as well as third countries at different stages in their career, is helping to create a critical research mass in Europe, which will be instrumental in strengthening and consolidating the European Research Area (ERA).



OGS has endorsed the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers in 2005 and has implemented the principles in its policies and practices following the “Human Resources Strategy for Researchers” mechanism.

OGS has obtained from the European Commission the “HR Excellence in Research” logo, becoming the first National Research Institution to get this recognition

OGS action plan (available in this page) presents the main activities to be implemented to improve alignment with the Charter & Code principles. In 2016 the action plan was updated with the actions for the implementation phase, obtaining the reconfirmation of the recognition by the EC.

The Award renewal is now in progress.  




Five reasons to choose an institution which has signed the charter and code:

  1. Your rights as a professional are recognised

  2. Your mobility experience is valued

  3. Your work-life balance is respected

  4. Recruitment transparency is guaranteed

  5. You will join a truly pan-European network consisting of research organisations and researchers




To learn more about the Charter & Code and the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers visit EURAXESS Rights