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OGS has a strong vocation, strengthened throughout the years, for European planning skill and international partnerships; on this basis, the Institute has launched together with the new administration a resolute research strategy that gives to the concept of internationalization a prominent role. It is worth pointing out that the Institute is located in a Region characterized by a very high concentration of international scientific realities and this contributes to the creation of an extremely dynamic working environment, favourable to the attraction and circulation of talents, as well as stimulating for networks of partnerships and international projects.

OGS actively participates in various research networks, associations and consortia. The list is significant for the quality and international reputation the majority of the mentioned bodies enjoy. Moreover, the Institute is often called to provide scientific advices in the field of European and international research strategies.

OGS is aware that the competitiveness of the Country in the field of European research can be strengthened promoting at national level the complementary character between Research bodies, Universities and companies, and favouring the existing synergies. All initiatives that enable to join competences and critical mass are therefore supported to answer in a coordinated way to European program calls.

These are the objectives that OGS intends to pursue during the next few years:

  • Operating with professionalism within the national and international networks/associations/consortia to which it takes part, carrying out at the same time a careful strategy of selection of the initiatives to adhere and to continue to adhere to, even in a perspective of economic saving;
  • Promoting the establishment of further national research partnerships/networks, in synergy with the other Italian scientific institutions in order to jointly answer as a country to the Horizon 2020 challenges;

Sharing human and instrumental resources through the creation of economies of scale within the national research system, without undermining the autonomy and specificity of the Bodies.


Involvement in research and service projects

During the year 2012, OGS has taken part in 69 national and international research projects, 29 of which within the EU. Moreover, it has carried out 51 projects relating to service activities (oriented research), for a total of 120 final projects of research and service activities.