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July 2, Registrations are open for the webinar "SeaDataCloud Online User Workshop Hi-Tech to High knowledge"

OGS, on behalf of the SeaDataCloud partnership, is organizing the SeaDataCloud User Workshop, which will be held via webinar on 17th September at 10 am (UTC+2). 

The SeaDataCloud is an EU H2020 programme aimed at advancing the SeaDataNet infrastructure: a powerful virtual data management system providing integrated and standardized data and products on-line.

  • Currently, over 100 National Oceanographic Data Centres from 34 European coastal states make up the SeaDataNet network, giving access to more than 2.0 million high quality data sets.
  • Data, spanning from physical oceanography, chemistry, geology, to geophysics, bathymetry and biology, have been collected by using a kaleidoscope of remote sensing and in situ instruments. 

Registration and online attendance to the training are free of charge.
Please fill in the registration form by clicking Here

Main topic and Goal

  • Computer scientists and marine researchers will illustrate data services, metadata services and software tools provided by SeaDataNet.

Target audience and benefits

  • The workshop is intended for marine sciences excellence: researchers and any other professional needing data for different purposes (e.g. ecosystem modelling or prediction, management, implementation of EU or international legislation).
  • Attending the webinar will help to realize the advantages of the SeaDataNet infrastructure. Participants will become confident with the SeaDataNet data flow system: from data extraction, by means of the discovery interface, to data elaboration, through the software tools. 


For further information  National Oceanographic Data Centre (OGS-NODC)




10:00-10:10 - Welcome and introduction 

Michele Fichaut - IFREMER 


10:10–10:30 - Discovering data

Peter Thijsse  - Marine Information Service - MARIS                                                                                        

SeaDataNet data discovery and access services


10:30-10:40 Feedback questions


10:40-11:00 - Exploring data

Sebastian Mieruch-Schnülle - Alfred Wegener Institute - AWI

Ocean Data View Software to the Web


11:00-11:10 - Feedback questions


11:25-11:45 - Analysing data

Charles Troupin - University of Liege – ULG/GHER

Data-Interpolating Variational Analysis (DIVA)


11:45-11:55 -Feedback questions


11:55-12:15  - Debriefing and conclusion

Elena Partescano, Matteo Vinci – OGS/NODC