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Technical and administrative sections

The technical and administrative sections are organised as follows:

Administrative management

  • Human Resource Department (Direzione per la gestione delle Risorse Umane) – DRU – comprising the staff management department (ufficio amministrazione del personale), responsible for the implementation of the regulations relating to staff management, and  the payroll department (ufficio stipendi), in charge of the payment of staff salaries.
  • Treasury Department (Direzione per Finanza e Patrimonio) – DFP – comprising the accounting department (ufficio di ragioneria), in charge of the supervision and maintenance of the financial accounts and the contract management department (ufficio contratti), responsible for the implementation of the regulations relating to the contractual procedures, contractual obligations timetable as well as the definition of the standardized parameters for financial reporting of research contracts.

Computing and IT services management

This department comprises the following offices:

  • The IT and telecommunication services centre (Centro Servizi Informatici e Telematici) - CeSIT – mainly in charge of the development and maintenance of the IT resources, the interconnection networks of the Institute, the management of the mobile and fixed-line services as well as the IT support for administrative activities.
  • The Main warehouse, incoming area and fleet of cars (Magazzino Centrale, ricevimento merci e autoparco), where all activities linked to warehouse planning, incoming area, hazardous waste loading/unloading registers, OGS fleet of cars management including allocation to applicants and maintenance are implemented.

The OGS Central Library (Biblioteca centrale dell’Ente), responsible for purchasing books and magazines, cataloguing of bibliographic material and internal relation registers.